Working with Proficient Grammar Extension Plugins

Improve text quality through Grammarly plugin apps on all popular browsers to work in real-time online environments smoothly

Get rid of spelling issues
Fix your grammatical errors
Eliminate punctuation issues
Make your text shine!
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Working with Proficient Grammar Extension Plugins

Improve text quality through Grammarly plugin apps on all popular browsers to work in real-time online environments smoothly.

An Overview of Grammarly Extension Free Grammar Check App

A grammar checking plugin is a small software code of an app that corrects grammar mistakes on any website or platform accessed through any supported browser. This program is installed on the browsers to run in a real-time environment. It checks grammatical mistakes or other writing issues online while you are interacting with any website such as social media, blogs, support websites, emails, or any other similar types of platforms. The most common features of a best grammar checker app extension include:

Among such professional plugins, Grammarly is the best grammar checker extension for chrome and other supported browsers extensively used in present-day web browsing. It is a perfect software program to provide online help to users in a real-time environment on a wide range of popular browsers.

Top Benefits of Using a Grammar Corrector Extension

Using a perfect plugin or extension of the best grammar checker app free tool online offers a wide range of benefits in the shape of features, capabilities, monetary advantages, editing skill development, and others. The most common benefits of using a grammar correction app plugin include:

Real-Time Suggestions

Having an extension of a grammar check app free platform installed on your browsers allows you to provide corrective suggestions for any kind of mistake you make while creating text in a real-time ecosystem. Whether you write a comment, post, or query on any website or social media, the browser plugin checks for all types of errors and provides you with corrective suggestions instantly.


Lightweight Tool

All professional extensions are lightweight in terms of their source code and utilization of web, network, and computing resources. It does not slow down the speed of your connection and doesn’t deplete the resources of your computer and other resources used in an online web environment. Your browsing and interacting experience with websites remains great without any glitches at all.

Comprehensive Solution

A grammar and spell checker Chrome extension provides you comprehensive solutions for text writing online on all types of websites such as blogs, WordPress, support portals, social media websites, email platforms, and many others. You can also get instant support for any error you make while writing your message in a real-time system without any manual work at all.

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Substantial Cost-Saving

The best grammar extension for Chrome installed on your Google browser will help you save substantial costs. Using an extension on your browser is free of cost in the basic subscription. If you want to use advanced and extra features and capabilities, you can choose a very affordable subscription based on a small monthly fee. Thus, you save substantial costs compared with manual editing.

Reliable Text-Checking Results

The results of text-checking through a specialized grammar checker Chrome extension are highly trustworthy. The results are generated based on professional input from linguists, grammaticians, academicians, and others. The use of cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and natural language processing (NLP) makes the results even better and more effective.

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Always up and Active

Any Chrome grammar extension always remains on the go and awake round the clock if the browser is running. You don’t need to turn it on every time you use the browser. The plugin automatically tracks your writing activities and provides you with instant help always without any interruption. The uptime of the associated online grammar-checking platform is also very high.

Shorter Turnaround Time

The result dispatch time of an online grammar checking platform through a grammar extension Chrome app is very fast. You don’t need to wait in a long queue to get the results of the text you check. It provides you with the results instantly with the most suitable corrective suggestion to choose from. You can accomplish the entire process of editing, and proofreading within a few seconds.

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Huge Time-Saving

A substantial time can easily be saved by using an online grammar-checking tool through a highly efficient Chrome grammar check plugin. You can save time in all major processes of editing such as submitting text, checking text, correcting errors, and collecting the text. All those processes are automated in a real-time environment without any manual intervention. You just type in your text, the rest assured.

Tone Assessment

Assessing the tone of your online text or piece of writing such as email, blog, article, news, comments, social media posts, service queries, or any other such communications is just a click away. Grammar checker extension Chrome automatically evaluates the tone of your text in terms of different sentiments and other cues and provides you with the results. You can make it more effective by modifying it perfectly.

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Plagiarism Detection Online

Even if you use any academic platform, knowledge bases, or even libraries of different research organizations, the Chrome grammar check extension keeps track of your text and compares it with all online sources to find out any kind of plagiarized content automatically. You don’t need to get the plagiarized content checked through other online or manual sources by paying extra money at all.

Detection of Grammatical Errors

You can detect all types of grammatical errors such as verb-tense shifts, parts of speech mistakes, active and passive voice misuses, direct and indirect narration, incomplete sentences, run-on sentences, comma splices, incorrect word choices, irregular use of forms of verbs and degrees of adjectives, and many others by using any grammar checking extension installed on the browser of your choice.

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Spelling and punctuation support

Spelling and punctuation make your textual communication impressive if it does not contain any errors otherwise it becomes a messy and meaningless piece of text that leaves no impression on the readers. Using any grammar check plugin Chrome software can help you correct all types of spelling and punctuation errors in your text in all versions and accents of the English language.

An Overview of Browsers with Grammar Plugin Compatibility

A large number of browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge, Opera, and others are supported by a large number of grammar-checking platforms for installing their respective plugins. Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar check chrome extensions that can be installed on numerous popular browsers in the marketplace.

The step-by-step procedure to install Chrome extension grammar check and other versions of Grammarly plugins on different compatible browsers is mentioned here.


Mozilla Firefox


Google Chrome





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How to Install Grammar Chrome Extension Grammarly on Google Chrome?

Installing the Grammarly plugin on Google Chrome, take the following simple steps:

How to Install Grammarly English Grammar App Extension on Mozilla Firefox?

To install the Grammarly extension on the Mozilla Firefox browser, follow this step-by-step procedure:

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How to Install Grammarly App
to Correct Grammar on Microsoft Edge?

You can install the Grammarly extension on your Microsoft Edge browser by taking the following simple steps:

How to Install Grammarly Free Grammar App
Extension on Safari?

To install the Grammarly extension on the Safari browser, you need to take the following steps in sequence:

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How to Install Grammar App Free
Plugin Grammarly on Opera?

Installing the Grammarly plugin on the Opera browser is not possible directly through the website. So, you need to take the following procedure to install Grammarly plugin on the Opera browser.

Troubleshooting Grammar Checker App Plugin Grammarly Installation Issues

In fact, installing Grammarly plugin on the supported web browsers is a very simple, easy, and intuitive procedure. Any person with basic knowledge of computers and the internet can download and install this extension easily on any browser that is supported by the Grammarly grammar checker extension. But in certain cases, it may cause some errors that lead to the inability to install the extension.

Issue #1: Conflict in Browser Versions

The developers of the Grammarly extension keep this plugin up-to-date regularly to avoid any kinds of security or other breaches. Thus, it works well with the latest versions of the supported browsers. If the browsers you are using are outdated, the Grammarly plugin cannot be either installed or operated properly. A few issues may arise such as overloading, delayed response, and operational glitches.


Update the browser versions to the latest releases.

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Issue #2 Antivirus Software Active

The installation of Grammarly extension may face problems if you have different types of antivirus software installed on your computer and are in a running mode such as McAfee, Norton, and others.


You need to turn off any antivirus installed on your computer temporarily before installing Grammarly. Turn it on after installation is complete.

Issue #3 Plugin Is Not Working Properly

In this case, the extension does not run properly. Sometimes, it does not open or goes off automatically. In certain cases, it keeps loading incessantly. There can be many reasons such as corrupt files of the plugin, internet connection issues, incompatibility with the websites, and others.


Reinstallation of the Grammarly plugin is the best way out.

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Issue #4 Logging Out of the Plugin Automatically in Different Browsers

Sometimes, this issue may become so nasty that every time you log in to your subscription, the plugin automatically logs out of it. This problem occurs both in Windows and Mac OS frequently. The main cause of this issue is signing in different windows. You need to sign in to the same window on your Grammarly app and browser.


It is a few step configurations such as:

  • – Open settings on the Grammarly app
  • – Click sign in the same window. The default browser opens.
  • – Copy the URL and paste it into the other browser where you face the logging out issue
  • – Input the credentials to log in. You are done.
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Issue #5 Grammarly Add-on Not Showing Up on Some Websites

While browsing online, you may find on some websites, the plugin is not showing up even if you type some text in comments or other activities. This is one of the most common issues that are faced by the users. The main cause of this problem is the blocking of websites and applications. You need to check if the website on which the Grammarly extension is not appearing to help you is on the blocking list.


  • – Go to the Grammarly icon and right-click it to show up the setting option
  • – Click settings to display detailed options
  • – Select the blocked apps or access to see the blocked websites and applications
  • – The list of the websites appears on which Grammarly is deactivated
  • – Activate the desired website

Issue #6 Abrupt Intervention and Disruption in Service

There are many other unknown reasons why the Grammarly plugin behaves abnormally in performance, operation, and other activities.


You need to either restart the browser or computer to resolve this issue. Not resolved yet, remove and reinstall the plugin.

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If you are looking for a highly reliable grammar checker plugin on your favorite browser, try the Grammarly extension to check your text in both offline and online modes now!